Thursday, 2 August 2012

Summer School One: Meeting Seven

The much requested holiday hookery photos didn't materialise so, unfortunately, I don't have any winners to show off as yet but one lives in hope for next week ..... Much chastened, the ladies went home last night tasked with creating some eye-catching photos of their crochet and knitting and many ideas and possibilities were discussed during the evening.

However, we were busy beavers last night. Eight of us squashed into my house and contentedly spread colourful and textured wools, past and current creations, hooks and needles all over the place all while drinking tea and coffee dispensed from a newly clothed cafetiere and teapot.

We have also democratically decided to go ahead and create some bright orange bobble hats, either knitted or crocheted, for the St Mungo homeless charity hat appeal mentioned in the bobble hat post below. We are aiming for 6 but if we achieve more then that will be great - watch this space. I gave notice of our intention and the name of our group to the charity and the admin asst thought Hookery in the Bookery was a fantastic name and very imaginative - thanks Mags.

So now for the photographic evidence:

All set for a new project . . . .

Niqi's hat and scarf. Scarf no 2 is currently being created in the same wool as the beanie in the picture.

Niqi's bag which made it's first appearance last week..

Cooking Catherine continues to knit and is progressing at a full 'pattern' each week.

This is the hand grenade which first appeared on week one. It comes complete with a removable pin .....

He may be our newest member .....
Mags has begun a new project - the shell scarf from the required text ....

Lindsay is progressing with her squares and has made a wonderful job of joining the squares with the same stitch as the squares so that the join is almost seamless.

Lorna (our newest member) shows off her very delicate throw.

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  1. Really photos of a really lovely night- we stayed so late! Do feel free to kick us out next time!!