Thursday, 17 May 2012

End of Year Show and Tell

The end of the academic year and therefore of our evenings in the Bookery approaches. So here are the first year's offerings! We think that Hookery in the Bookery started somewhere around October/November 2011, so it's actually not quite a year- which makes the accumulated output more than slightly impressive, I think! In the picture we have four completed blankets, one nearly completed blanket, one not at all completed blanket, one scarf, one very clever buggy cosy, and seven flowers! Not in the picture we also claim another blanket and another scarf! Well done, all!
Let's get me out of the way first. It won't take long! One not at all completed ripple blanket, but it's coming on well, and could be finished in time for next year's Show and Tell! One prototype corsage, one corsage, one felted corsage as prototype brooch!
Heather's first blanket- fast stitch (see next picture), fabulous yarn- see comment from Heather for details- Heather, leave details in a comment!
Patricia's fast stitch- pattern, please, Patricia! Patricia's first blanket?
Attempt at arty shot of Patricia's second scarf!
Heather's second blanket- granny square in great colours, with Patricia's second scarf.
Patricia's four flowers- carnation at back is fabulous- another pattern, please, Patricia!
Heather's granny squares are all done for her third blanket, and she is joining them all together, possibly as I type!
The frankly amazing buggy cover, with flower- all Patricia's.
Patricia's granny square blanket- can't recall if it was her first or second???
And another shot of Patricia's flowers! Not shown is Gail's gorgeous granny square blanket, produced in two months by someone who learnt to crochet two months ago! I'm amazed and delighted at what you can do with nice people in a nice place in a nice way. Obviously most of the hooking is done in homes around Newtownabbey, but the thinking and comparing and learning from Patricia has mostly been done, I think, at the Bookery. And that has been a fine thing indeed!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Well ladies, I was working very hard over the weekend and progress has been made in the garden square area.  I was going to wait and post the complete series of pictures of the progress that had been made, but I couldn't wait.  So here is a sneak preview of the next stage of the work .... 

The strange flowers at the side belong to my rug below the table where the crochet is sitting. As you can see I have begun joining the squares and it is starting to look quite good, even if I say so myself.  The crochet joining rows are quite easy and I am very pleased with my progress.  The next picture will show all of the small squares joined up.  Then I hope to crochet a border and put a scalloped edge onto it as well - fingers crossed.  You have to remember that last October I was a complete novice at all of this so each step is a big challenge.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

The concept of the giveaway

Now that we seem well and truly in the swing of the thing that is bloggisme, time for a little advanced course! Not quite as advanced as the PDF work that Heather is doing, having already bypassed all I know in one short week. This was much to have been expected!

The giveaway: a bloggiste has some little thing(s) to share with the virtual group and offers it up. They choose the "winner" from all the comments that will have been left on the post, and sometimes have criteria, for example, you have to follow the blog, or put a link to the giveaway on your sidebar.

Anyway, a great blog called Bobo Bun is having a giveaway to celebrate three and a half years of blogging. I thought we should all enter- it's a nice one because you have to leave a comment about why you like to make things. I thought Hookery in the Bookery would make interesting reading! This is the link to the giveaway post, and we have to put a link in the sidebar- I'll await group approval on that!!
And now the crotched flower. Pattern to follow.

Pram cosy

This time I managed to upload the pictures of the pram cosy as requested.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Now I'm feeling under pressure to put up a photo ....

Well ladies, I've changed my mind again about this garden square blanket which was going to be no more but instead morph into a jumbo cushion cover.  It will now, once again, be a blanket (in miniature!). I have 5 /6 squares to do and then start sewing up so maybe if I get my skates on over the bank holiday I'll be ready to sew up and then the photo shoot will take place.  Here's a taste of what the individual squares look like but I am a long way from the finish line.  The official photo shoot will happen (much) later and the ta-dah photo of the finished article will be published.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Here is my baby blanket and first attempt at posting to the blog.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hookery night again

Please forgive me as I am completely new to blogging, very slow and (unlike Mags) have no idea as yet how to post photos!

Today is our usual Wednesday hookery night - only 3 more before the enforced relocation to a private residence due to the end of this academic term.  There is much excitement in the camp about seeing Mags' corsage creation in the flesh so to speak.  And of course Patricia has been off ill and may have had a chance to design something exciting ....  I, on the other hand, have been idle in the hookery realm but I am hopeful that this will change soon. 

I believe that there will be a phot-shoot prior to the end of the academic term which will entail all of us bringing in our creations for Mags to photgraph and upload photos to this blog and of course her own, Fraise Lachrymose.