Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A cute and cuddly crocheted cow

Alas not much is happening on the crochet front at The Bookery over these first few weeks of term.  We have been busy with new students and staff shortages so the hooks and yarn have remained in our bags.  So, I thought I would tell you about a trip I had last week.

Yarn-bombing and cows have become very fashoinable and news-worthy items in Northern Ireland recently.  Yarn-bombing is a world-wide phenomenon and has even reached our sandy shores most notably in Newcastle and in Belfast.   The cows are part of Cow Parade which is an art project and has seen decorated cows appearing all over Northern Ireland in touristy areas, at local council offices and  commercial venues and in parks.  The statues are funny and definitely conversation-provoking. 

Last Saturday I took one of my frequent trips into town to visit St George's market and just look what I found - a yarn-bombed cow from the Cow Parade.  She was't there on my last visit but hopefully she'll be left alone to chew her cud and won't be sold at the market.  At least it is only a farmers', craft and collectibles market now so she should be safe.

Here's a better picture of 'Herself' showing the beautiful crochet work.

As you can see, I had a hot chocolate while I was there!  Javaman does really nice coffee and other hot drinks - very warming on a cold, frosty, autumnal Saturday morning, or any Saturday in fact!  Beautiful hand-crafted foods and other items and music while you shop.  What more could you ask for on a Saturday morning?

We promise to have some photos of our own work to show you next week ......

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Returning to Autumn Term at the Bookery

Apparently there are some non-Bookery hookers at the Dock tonight, but last week we were all here, some of us briefly!  With the falling leaves and darkening nights Heather Boss, Patricia and Mags are back at work, where it all began. Because only Lindsay and Niqi arrived at the Dock they came to see the source of the fun.  So here we all are, set text in hand.

Tonight in the Bookery Heather and Patrica are well into their  new term project. Mags, obviously, will be working slowly away at all the same things!  Target, though, might be to finish the ripple within a year of its own beginning, which was over the Christmas holidays last year- hmm, ambitious for Mags.....