Flower Pattern     

Start with 6 chain. - (Remember to leave a tail of wool)

Do not join up but work 1 dc into the first ch. (This will start the spiral base).

Now, working into the front loop of each stitch , (easier after 1st round)

*Work 2 dc into next, 1dc into next * and repeat this until

you have worked about 4 rounds.

3 chain.

Turn work upside down

You will see an inward spiral of the unused loops - you are going to work into these.

First, work a row of trebles back round the outside of (through both loops)

the work, then follow the spiral loops working 1 tr into each loop

until you get as near the centre as possible.

(Tip: push the worked trs backwards out of the way).

When you reach the centre, work 3 ch and then turn and

work a further row of trs on top of the ones just done.

This will bring you back to the outside edge.

Slip stitch down to the base of the first tr and Turn work over again.

The spiral is now facing down and you can see the

bases of the trs on the outer round of the spiral.

You are going to work into the spaces between these.

Make a 3 ch and 1 tr in the first space.

Then work 2 tr in each space.

Slip stitch together when you reach end of round

Turn work over again.

Look at the sets of 2 tr.

In the middle of the first set, work 3ch, 4 tr.

*In the middle of next work one dc

In middle of next work 5 tr*

Repeat * to * around the edge and slip stitch together at end.

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