Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The excitement is building ....

There will be no blog post (or rather photographic content) tonight in anticipation of our BIG party next week.

Forget Tennents Vital and the Radio 1 Big Weekend it will all be happening at St Patrick's Paradigm 7pm until late.

See you there.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Here's one I made earlier ....

It was a small group last night and very sedate for us.  Maybe those who were missing were taking a couple of weeks out to prepare themselves physically and mentally for our BIG party night on 5th June?  Anyway, here's a sample of what was going on with lots of finished pieces. 

Helena's holiday cardigan and a cross-stitched birthday present for a friend

Catherine's jumper for her son (who may have outgrown it before it was finished)

Heather's cafetiere cosy

Anne W's cushion- her first ever crochet piece.  Well done Anne!

And here is Mrs Weasley's kitchen at the Harry Potter Studio complete with her 'magic' stripey scarf in the corner, knitting away on automatic needles.  Oh, I wish I had a pair of those .....

And these little characters - William and Wilma Worm - were created on Tuesday night at another crafting session but they may make a guest appearance at the BIG party

And these lovely handbags will be going out to Hombolo in Tanzania in the Autumn and will be given to the ladies and girls in the village.  Many thanks to all the lovely Leicestershire ladies who sewed them so beautifully.  And a BIG thank you to Angela for organising it.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Blanket coverage

Blankets have been the BIG theme over recent weeks and here are a few of the major projects complete at last  -

Queen Niqi's berry blanket
- renamed fairytale blanket by Mags

Heather Boss's blanket for baby Evie

Angela's Hombolo blanket with the
blanket's deliverer and the carrier to
Hombolo next October.

 Mags' Nanny McPhee otherwise 
known as the Mags McPheedy blanket

Heather Boss's latest project

Queen Niqi's Aran McPhee - phase one

Phase one finished - as you can see there was a degree of evolution involved in the joining of the squares.

Grannies' meeting

Well now ladies, what have we here?  A grannies' meeting?  Last night it was a tad cold in the church hall and one by one people seemed to be wrapping themselves up.  And very useful the big blankets turned out to be too!

First it was Anne with the Fairytale Blanket

Then Gillain almost completely covered herself in Aran McPhee but that's OK because Gillian has been feeling a bit under the weather and this was her first night with us in ages
Barbara had her latest ripple blanket over her knees - lovely bright colours

Leigh was 'just trying out' Fleg for Queen Niqi

And Karen was measuring her Learning to Crochet blanket against Heather's Cappucino Aran  blanket for size
But the highlight of the evening was planning THE party of the season.  An evening not to be missed on 5th  June when Hookery at Coffee Dock will reach the mega-heights of one year old.  Yes, hard to believe but Hookery will have been meeting outside The Bookery for a whole year.  At our party we will have sweets and savouries, home-made ice cream, non-alcoholic cordials and, of course, cake.  We may even dress up for the occasion and you may be treated to facial photographs once again, not seen since we played dinner guests to the Brownies when they did their Hostess Badge earlier in the year.

Two of the original Hookery 3 had been no longer required to serve in The Bookery a few months ago and now Member 3 has also been discharged from her Bookery duties.  The three will once again be united on a Wednesday evening.  Looking forward to that.

See you next week :-)

Friday, 3 May 2013

Shell suits?

Next project ladies?

Have you heard about the lady from Canada who started crocheting covers for her tortoises so that she could find them again when she let them out into the garden?   Evidence as follows ....

Tortoise-lover Katie Bradley started crocheting wooly designs - including these dinosaur outfits - for her seven pet tortoises as a family joke After posting pictures of the cosy designs on her tortoise blog, she was soon inundated with requests to make them for tortoises around the globe
Photos courtesy of the Daily Mail 3/5/13 and for more information go to The Daily Mail

She now has an online business and apparently (if you so desire) you can buy them on Etsy.

Hookit & the Knits....

Most of the Hookits can turn their hands to other crafts, but I hadn't realised until assembling the blog photos that this week's hookery was more of a Needling session...Needles 5 ; Hooks 2