Thursday, 23 May 2013

Here's one I made earlier ....

It was a small group last night and very sedate for us.  Maybe those who were missing were taking a couple of weeks out to prepare themselves physically and mentally for our BIG party night on 5th June?  Anyway, here's a sample of what was going on with lots of finished pieces. 

Helena's holiday cardigan and a cross-stitched birthday present for a friend

Catherine's jumper for her son (who may have outgrown it before it was finished)

Heather's cafetiere cosy

Anne W's cushion- her first ever crochet piece.  Well done Anne!

And here is Mrs Weasley's kitchen at the Harry Potter Studio complete with her 'magic' stripey scarf in the corner, knitting away on automatic needles.  Oh, I wish I had a pair of those .....

And these little characters - William and Wilma Worm - were created on Tuesday night at another crafting session but they may make a guest appearance at the BIG party

And these lovely handbags will be going out to Hombolo in Tanzania in the Autumn and will be given to the ladies and girls in the village.  Many thanks to all the lovely Leicestershire ladies who sewed them so beautifully.  And a BIG thank you to Angela for organising it.

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  1. So many finished projects! I live in hope!