Thursday, 16 May 2013

Blanket coverage

Blankets have been the BIG theme over recent weeks and here are a few of the major projects complete at last  -

Queen Niqi's berry blanket
- renamed fairytale blanket by Mags

Heather Boss's blanket for baby Evie

Angela's Hombolo blanket with the
blanket's deliverer and the carrier to
Hombolo next October.

 Mags' Nanny McPhee otherwise 
known as the Mags McPheedy blanket

Heather Boss's latest project

Queen Niqi's Aran McPhee - phase one

Phase one finished - as you can see there was a degree of evolution involved in the joining of the squares.


  1. Excellent coverage of our covers! Maybe this weather will actually hold and we can stop snuggling under them in May!

  2. Feeling most honoured to see my blanket pictured among those of the Hookery Regulars! They are all so lovely!

    1. We are honoured to have included it. Remember your are an honourary Hookery member for any time you visit NI.