Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ready, steady, GO!

Here we are again, our homogenous hooking group of chatting ladies.

Ready to get started

On your marks ...

Get set ...

This one is going to Tanzania ...

Healthy food ...
Unhealthy food :-(
All packed up and ready to go home

See you all next week :-)

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Busy, busy, busy ...

Tonight we had a very busy and full house (9 of us in total) and by far the biggest gathering since our party night in June.  We also had a busy, bustling conversation crossing back and forth across the coffee table covering weddings, cruises in The Med, our next party night, a creative spiritual day out to Corrymeela, book club, pot luck suppers, Victor Hugo's Les Mis, and village fairs.

Lots of busy crochet was going on as well:
Rosemary and Anne continue to churn out Innocent hats

Welcome back Karen, long time no see.  But Karen has been busy and has made this beautiful needle case in doubles

And is progressing into trebles for her next project ably guided by Guru Patricia who has been once again drawing her tried and tested pattern of 'woolly sheep'

Leigh assures us that this tangle will become a tea cosy by the end of the night

Ta dah!

Helena has been travelling far and wide in search of new wool and found this one in Dublin last weekend

Helena is also busy with two jumpers on needles, two throws at various stages of completion and a blanket for Hombolo - there's some more 'busy'

Cooking Catherine continues to kit her boys out in aran sweaters
Anne and Rosemary produced the ideal picture for Queen Niqi's next major project which will certainly keep her busy!  Apparently the pattern will be produced next week ....  Just in case you can't see it very well, it is a yarn-bombed train!
Apparently there has been some yarn-bombing of statues at the front of Belfast City Hall .....  And it wasn't us!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Mollie Makes?

It was good for me to be back at Hookery after what feels like forever, but was only a month.

There has been a lot of busy- ness in my absence, lots of Tropicana bottle toppers - with more in production by Rosemary & Anne.

Book bag has become a throw.  

Patricia Boss is working up another baby blanket.

Helena has gone 'chunky' for this throw, loving the nautical colours.

I'm still plodding on with my baby blanket for Hombolo.

Looking forward to the blackcurrant gin later in the year!

Sheila has a project of a different sort that she has just begun, but no photos yet.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Where are we?

Where are we at the end of July? Still on holiday, using up raspberries, clicking nicely at Hookery. Fruits of nice labours:
Raspberry cake,
 Prettiest dishcloth,
 Lovely flower,
 Latest throw, is there no end to this Hookette's productivity even in unheard of Irish temperatures?
Is there no end to this Hookette's speed- it took three shots to capture anything other than complete blur of action, and then only because of a brief pause!

Hookery is on again this Wednesday for its second week back after holidays- come!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Twin set and purrs

I have been working on two colour co-ordinated throws for a room with twin beds.  The colours are the same in both throws but the patterns are very different.
One of the occupants really likes cats so I was asked to make her a cat blanket.  Thanks to Guru Paricia for showing me how to crochet a cat pattern :-)

The cat throw is still a work in progress and will eventually be the same size as the granny square throw.

It might also need a little bit of blocking to get the shape just right .......  I don't think the cat has got the right idea about how I want to straighten the piece out!

Lots of other crochet has been progressing while we have been having a little hookey holiday.

Queen Niqi's shawl
Helena's warm winter jumper

A flimsy frilly fashion scarf
Guru Patricia's baby blanket

Anne's mini hat

Rosemary's Sammy Sheep

These two little characters have been knitted by Rosemary and Anne to go on mini Innocent bottles sold in Sainsburys in aid of Age Concern.