Sunday, 4 August 2013

Twin set and purrs

I have been working on two colour co-ordinated throws for a room with twin beds.  The colours are the same in both throws but the patterns are very different.
One of the occupants really likes cats so I was asked to make her a cat blanket.  Thanks to Guru Paricia for showing me how to crochet a cat pattern :-)

The cat throw is still a work in progress and will eventually be the same size as the granny square throw.

It might also need a little bit of blocking to get the shape just right .......  I don't think the cat has got the right idea about how I want to straighten the piece out!

Lots of other crochet has been progressing while we have been having a little hookey holiday.

Queen Niqi's shawl
Helena's warm winter jumper

A flimsy frilly fashion scarf
Guru Patricia's baby blanket

Anne's mini hat

Rosemary's Sammy Sheep

These two little characters have been knitted by Rosemary and Anne to go on mini Innocent bottles sold in Sainsburys in aid of Age Concern.

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