Thursday, 8 August 2013

Mollie Makes?

It was good for me to be back at Hookery after what feels like forever, but was only a month.

There has been a lot of busy- ness in my absence, lots of Tropicana bottle toppers - with more in production by Rosemary & Anne.

Book bag has become a throw.  

Patricia Boss is working up another baby blanket.

Helena has gone 'chunky' for this throw, loving the nautical colours.

I'm still plodding on with my baby blanket for Hombolo.

Looking forward to the blackcurrant gin later in the year!

Sheila has a project of a different sort that she has just begun, but no photos yet.


  1. Book bag is much happier as a throw!

  2. Apparently blackcurrant gin has been promised for the Christmas party .......