Saturday, 27 April 2013

Hookery meets cookery

Ever interested in widening our horizons, four of us native Hook-its tried our skills at cup cake decorating and became Cook-its for an evening.  We had an absolutely fantastic night starting off with a cup of tea or coffee and a chat.  Many thanks go to Jennie and her mum Laura for their witty demonstrations, guidance and endless patience.

Guess who two of the major players were ....
Apologies that the above picture is sideways, but not being of technical mind I cannot rotate it ....  This was us practising our piping and writing skills on parchment laid out on a tressle table.
Picture rotated (P.)
At the end of the evening we all had to put what we thought of as our best personal effort onto a table and two winners, a winner for technique and what was thought of by the experts as the best design, were chosen.
Queen Niqi won the prize for technical accomplishment and her winning creation is the bottom right cupcake in the following photograph.  The lady who won for artistic creativity iced the basket-type cupcake with lemon and violet pansies at the very bottom of the photo above.
I was adventurous and attempted to write on the buttercream icing but being from a family with long names I was encouraged to shorten them ....
And how gorgeous those cupcakes were with a cup of tea for supper .....  Mmmm nice.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Two new things with a tenuous travel link

Somethings new to try?

This, apparently, is Tunisian crochet, of which I had never heard, but Slugs on the Refridgerator talk about it here. And if Slugs are talking about it, it must be fabulous.

And this, apparently, is a macabre film with lots of knitting. I'd quite like to see it! (But let's be clear, I do have The Guard as one of my top ten.) Jane Brocket is talking about it here, and if Jane Brocket is talking about it...

Monday, 1 April 2013

Time for Bunting?

Have finished the clock for Ann's bathroom - bunting is so nautical!

Bought the clock in Ikea, thought it looked a bit dull so whipped up some bunting.