Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Next project anyone?

 First we may need to find some ponies ....

Cast on to cast off

A bit of a conundrum I hear you say.  Not really.  Medical experts have proven over the years that the therapeutic ryhthm  of knitting and crochet are beneficial both to the mental and physical wellbeing of crafters.  The rhythmic nature of these crafts eases physical tensions and the concentration required to complete a pattern takes the mind off past and future worries.  And even better if there is a group where camaraderie and friendship add yet more benefits.  Cast on the stitches to cast of the worries - 'Simples' as Alexander the meerkat from the TV ad would say!

Last night at Hookery, at one of the worst times of weather this winter, there was a tremendous turnout of Hookits, one of the largest all winter!  Queen Niqi made it down from the frozen north, others slid from Sycamore,  drove from wintry Whitehouse or travelled from the arctic Antrim Road.

Here we all are casting on and casting off at last night's session :-)

Knit one ...
Cable one ...

Crochet one ...
Knit two together ...
Hi , I'm all ready for the new baby ...

Ripples on the sofa ...
Round the corner ...
Nearly there ...
Pastel perfection ...

Ta dah!

Monday, 21 January 2013

The Flower

This was my 3rd attempt.

Attempt 1 - I was on round 4 when I realised I had missed a "Change colour"
Attempt 2- This was turning out very flat and I realised I was not going into the right stitch between the petals.
Attempt 3 (above) is much better, however I think the petals need to be completed with some double treble to give them a bit more depth..   (I had to arrange the petals a bit by hand so it would display properly.)
 It's not too difficult. Once  you get the idea, you could keep on adding more rounds of petals.

I will have one more try and then type up the pattern.

122 ripples

Knowing when to stop rippling has been a bit of a dilemma, but one that was ultimately solved by mere logistics! After seeing Gillian and Ann under it at Christmas I could see that we were certainly nearly there, but did want it to cover all of my very tall husband during his late night TV marathons! So on I went for a little while, before discovering that actually I was down to my last ball of dark green.  So here is Prince Charming yesterday, and the 122 ripples do cover most him!
The next step is to do a border- Patricia, I need you! You got me started, and I want you to get me finished! It's very wavy at the edges- nearly as wavy as the ripples! If I tell you that it is 0.15m wider at the end than the start you'll not be surprised. And that's by no means an even growth- there are many coves and rock pools where the ripples crash ashore! My plan is to do a very plain border- double crochets mainly, but perhaps using triple in the most obvious valleys.  Overall, howver, I am thrilled- this has been my one real project for the whole length of time that we have been hooking in the Bookery and in the Dock...
Welcome to all you exceedingly kind folk who have arrived via Grow your Blog. I will explain, apologetically, to Hookery members that I signed fraise up to this event but completely ran out of time at the weekend to post over there, but in the meantime Hookery seems to have been signed up too, and here are Heather, Angela, liniecat, Jade and Pia! Guys, you are very welcome and we will all be visting you soon. If you ever find yourselves in the Belfast area, do come and hook with us x

Friday, 11 January 2013

Advanced warning of an autumnal fieldtrip?

Well now ladies, what do you think?  Now that some of us have had a tentative foray into the world of craft shops on the outer reaches of our wee Province ....

Could we possibly adventure far from our own shores and go to this event?  Yarndale is an event for hardened field trippers who are very keen on 'woolly workings'.

Whilst it may only be a dream, it would be absolutely lovely to have the chance to go and look.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Calling Guru Patricia

Look at this gorgeous granny square that oozes Spring- you can find it through Parlour Yarn's facebook page, if you're on evilbook.

It comes from this website- utterly incomprehensible to all but the translator of Russian poppies, I should think! Worth a look; as much for the promise of blossoms and sunshine if nothing else! Makes me want to rush straight out and buy lots of pink...

Friday, 4 January 2013

Report on Away Day

Oh my....Wow....Oh, look....Gorgeous....I love this!

Just a few of the utterances to be heard this morning as the smallest band there could possibly be completed the Glen Gallery quest.

You drive down an insignificant and narrow country lane and enter a tiny pink cottage which transforms TARDIS like into the most amazing craft barn. They sell jewellery and finished goods as well as the tools and materials for knitting, crochet, embroidery, cross-stitch, quilting, felting, beadwork and a lot of other handi-crafts too.  And loads of pattern books and how-to manuals as well.  Throughout the year they organise full-day courses (inc refreshments on arrival and lunch) around various crafts from knitting to beadcraft.  They stock the entire range of Debbie Bliss and Rowan yarns and have a very extensive range of other beautiful designer yarns.

Some pennies did change hands throughout the day and here are a few snaps of our purchases.   You'll have to keep an eye on the blog to find out what we intend to do with them :-)

And, of course, the gallant adventurers partook of some delicious food at the Millside Restaurant which is in the recently restored Old School in Gracehill, a quaint Moravian village full of beautiful buildings, fantastic front doors and a quiet village green.

Refreshed after lunch we visited yet another craft outlet, Gemini Crafts also in the Old School.

For those of you unable to join our foray into uncharted territories, all I can say is that you missed a fantastic day.  A return trip to all three locations is already on the cards .....

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Away day Friday 4th Jan & 2013 schedules


An idea was mooted, interested was expressed, excitement is building and we now have a plan.

Meet at Niqi's in Dalewood from 8.30 tomorrow morning. Tea, coffee and second breakfasts will be available for all Hookits that fancy sharing in our adventure. Departure will be around 9.30, Ann's bus permitting.

Destination Glen Gallery, Cullybackey!

Due to commitments (not the 80's film) we will need to be back in Newtownabbey for around 2.30, so lunch on the way home has been suggested.

If you fancy joining us text Niqi on 07770430441 before 8.30 tomorrow morning.

We are also going to try to come up with a schedule to allow all the Hookers to be able to attend some of the meetings each month - so can you make sure that you let Heather, Mags or Niqi know which evenings you can make. Our hope is to alternate weeks between Weds at the Dock and another night at Heather's.