Thursday, 3 January 2013

Away day Friday 4th Jan & 2013 schedules


An idea was mooted, interested was expressed, excitement is building and we now have a plan.

Meet at Niqi's in Dalewood from 8.30 tomorrow morning. Tea, coffee and second breakfasts will be available for all Hookits that fancy sharing in our adventure. Departure will be around 9.30, Ann's bus permitting.

Destination Glen Gallery, Cullybackey!

Due to commitments (not the 80's film) we will need to be back in Newtownabbey for around 2.30, so lunch on the way home has been suggested.

If you fancy joining us text Niqi on 07770430441 before 8.30 tomorrow morning.

We are also going to try to come up with a schedule to allow all the Hookers to be able to attend some of the meetings each month - so can you make sure that you let Heather, Mags or Niqi know which evenings you can make. Our hope is to alternate weeks between Weds at the Dock and another night at Heather's.


  1. Oh what a very lovely prospect for the start of a new year! Very Hobbit-like: venturing forth from the comfortable hobbit-hole into lands anew. With food too! More than poor Frodo got. Sorry- cabin fever and children's literature here all holidays. I definitely need a trip out in adult company...

    1. Looking forward to a Wallace and Gromit style Grand Day Out! Hopefully we won't be wearing the Wrong Trousers or have a Close Shave with any country yokels ..... And, if food is a compulsory inclusion in the adventure it won't be a Matter of Loaf and Death!

      Being from Cullybackey I wouldn't go as far as saying 'lands anew'! Although I will admit that it could be a culture shock for some being taken out into the sticks :-)

      Mags - your cabin fever will be well blown away by all that 'fresh' country air.

      Niqi I do love the term 'Hookits'.

    2. Hookits is pleasingly close to hobbits for me!

    3. Or maybe we should be hookettes?