Friday, 11 January 2013

Advanced warning of an autumnal fieldtrip?

Well now ladies, what do you think?  Now that some of us have had a tentative foray into the world of craft shops on the outer reaches of our wee Province ....

Could we possibly adventure far from our own shores and go to this event?  Yarndale is an event for hardened field trippers who are very keen on 'woolly workings'.

Whilst it may only be a dream, it would be absolutely lovely to have the chance to go and look.


  1. My concern would be that the travel & possibly hotel costs would have to come out of the crafting budget. Major dilemma!

  2. Oh well, worth a try. Another trip to Cullybackey it is then :-)

  3. I wonder would Angela travel up and meet us there???

  4. Hello! I am visiting and following from the Grow Your Blog Party that's started today. I love your creative craft! I make illustrations and paintings and have a giveaway over on my blog. You are all welcome to join if you like :)
    Pia from

  5. Abit closer to me than yes, I might well make this show!! Im in Hull-in-Snow, East yorkshire
    Im a Grow Your Blog visitor too......and will be popping back : )