Monday, 21 January 2013

The Flower

This was my 3rd attempt.

Attempt 1 - I was on round 4 when I realised I had missed a "Change colour"
Attempt 2- This was turning out very flat and I realised I was not going into the right stitch between the petals.
Attempt 3 (above) is much better, however I think the petals need to be completed with some double treble to give them a bit more depth..   (I had to arrange the petals a bit by hand so it would display properly.)
 It's not too difficult. Once  you get the idea, you could keep on adding more rounds of petals.

I will have one more try and then type up the pattern.


  1. I know in my head how brilliant you are, but each new manifestation of brilliance still makes me marvel!

  2. It's a beautiful flower; well done!

  3. Nothing short of brilliant yet agian! I have seen the original and it is a work of art. I have also seen the initial translation which is a fantastic achievement.

  4. A very cute pattern. I do not crochet, I attempted once and decided it was too many hobbies. I cross-stitch and scrapbook and now I added needlepoint but that was close enough to cross-stitch. I enjoyed reading through your previous posts to the place described as a TARDIS and "commitments (not the 80's movie)" I knew I found people that I liked :)