Monday, 21 January 2013

122 ripples

Knowing when to stop rippling has been a bit of a dilemma, but one that was ultimately solved by mere logistics! After seeing Gillian and Ann under it at Christmas I could see that we were certainly nearly there, but did want it to cover all of my very tall husband during his late night TV marathons! So on I went for a little while, before discovering that actually I was down to my last ball of dark green.  So here is Prince Charming yesterday, and the 122 ripples do cover most him!
The next step is to do a border- Patricia, I need you! You got me started, and I want you to get me finished! It's very wavy at the edges- nearly as wavy as the ripples! If I tell you that it is 0.15m wider at the end than the start you'll not be surprised. And that's by no means an even growth- there are many coves and rock pools where the ripples crash ashore! My plan is to do a very plain border- double crochets mainly, but perhaps using triple in the most obvious valleys.  Overall, howver, I am thrilled- this has been my one real project for the whole length of time that we have been hooking in the Bookery and in the Dock...
Welcome to all you exceedingly kind folk who have arrived via Grow your Blog. I will explain, apologetically, to Hookery members that I signed fraise up to this event but completely ran out of time at the weekend to post over there, but in the meantime Hookery seems to have been signed up too, and here are Heather, Angela, liniecat, Jade and Pia! Guys, you are very welcome and we will all be visting you soon. If you ever find yourselves in the Belfast area, do come and hook with us x


  1. Mags, I have been marvelling at your wonderful ripple blanket for a while and wondering how you could edge it. I looked at Google Images for "border for ripple blanket" and got 1 or 2 ideas. I think 0.15m difference in width has to stay as a feature. How about something like this with perhaps one row of Tr all round and finished with a scalloped edge.

  2. The boys and I love this border, Patricia! How has she straightened the edges? Does it all just pull straight after one ordinary row, I wonder. Will see you very soon for round-ripple talks!!

  3. Aww, I'm happy that you like my border. It was a bit trail and error to straighten out the waves. Basically I did dcs at the "mountains" and trebles at the "valleys" (borrowed these terms from Lucy)and some half trebles in between. Once you work out how many of each you should be fine. I think I did 2 trebles in the valley, than two half trebles, two dc, two half trebles, two trebles.... you get the idea ;-)

    So, and now I'm going to browse your blog :-)

  4. Im good at gate crashing lol
    I quite like the idea of floaty irregular edges......abit like life really that!

  5. Mags it looks square enough to me from the photo. And, sure it is supposed to be a 'ripple' blanket after all so an extra few ripples round the edges won't go amiss :-) And if you are desperate to have it square you could do a bit of 'blocking' with the water spray and pins in your carpet?

  6. Fantastic that the rippling is done, trust that you will be bringing it tonight.