Thursday, 17 May 2012

End of Year Show and Tell

The end of the academic year and therefore of our evenings in the Bookery approaches. So here are the first year's offerings! We think that Hookery in the Bookery started somewhere around October/November 2011, so it's actually not quite a year- which makes the accumulated output more than slightly impressive, I think! In the picture we have four completed blankets, one nearly completed blanket, one not at all completed blanket, one scarf, one very clever buggy cosy, and seven flowers! Not in the picture we also claim another blanket and another scarf! Well done, all!
Let's get me out of the way first. It won't take long! One not at all completed ripple blanket, but it's coming on well, and could be finished in time for next year's Show and Tell! One prototype corsage, one corsage, one felted corsage as prototype brooch!
Heather's first blanket- fast stitch (see next picture), fabulous yarn- see comment from Heather for details- Heather, leave details in a comment!
Patricia's fast stitch- pattern, please, Patricia! Patricia's first blanket?
Attempt at arty shot of Patricia's second scarf!
Heather's second blanket- granny square in great colours, with Patricia's second scarf.
Patricia's four flowers- carnation at back is fabulous- another pattern, please, Patricia!
Heather's granny squares are all done for her third blanket, and she is joining them all together, possibly as I type!
The frankly amazing buggy cover, with flower- all Patricia's.
Patricia's granny square blanket- can't recall if it was her first or second???
And another shot of Patricia's flowers! Not shown is Gail's gorgeous granny square blanket, produced in two months by someone who learnt to crochet two months ago! I'm amazed and delighted at what you can do with nice people in a nice place in a nice way. Obviously most of the hooking is done in homes around Newtownabbey, but the thinking and comparing and learning from Patricia has mostly been done, I think, at the Bookery. And that has been a fine thing indeed!


  1. Well done Margaret. A lovely selection of photos. I will add mine soon and patterns for the blankets. The flowers were very closely based on patterns I found on line so maybe we can look at adding links to the original patterns. The pink and lilac blanket was started loooong ago when Jessica was only a 'bump'and completed recently just after her 1st birthday.

  2. Absolutely fantastic! Thanks Mags for doing all that hard work especially when you are on the verge of an American invasion and have also been dealing with aged parents and young folk with surf boards! Oh the joys of being part of the sandwich generation! At least we have our hooks for some well-earned stress relief :-)

  3. Oh dear, am I part of the Sandwich Generation now as well as a recession statistic? This is too much!