Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hookery in the Chookery: First Night of Summer School

The Bookery is closed for the summer. We have relocated to the Chookery!
Lynne's bunting triangle.
Niqi's hook roll, with feast.
Floral Niqi perfecting the magic circle.
Heather flying through her latest blanket.
Cooking Catherine also knits.
Lynne's Attic 24 tribute- destined for teachers.
Now, Patricia, what huge project will this have grown into by next week?
Lynne's stash with one of her blankets. Jubilee colours?
Sheila's first ever chain, hooray!
Niqi's granny square- great colours.
Heather's lovely basket! See you all next week at the Dock!


  1. Well done to everyone! A fantastic night's work and craic. Lots of different projects on the go and lots of different levels of competency. It was great that we all shared tips and shortcuts, wool recommendations and wool outlets off the beaten track.

    1. I think we need a field trip to the thatched place!

    2. The thatched place? But yes, I'll go anywhere ......