Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Summer School One: meeting four

Back in the Dock at St Patrick's this week. Watching small boys stand amazed under torrential rain.
This week's mystery object. Clue in a post below by Heather. (Not the one about Monsieur Renard- that would be a red herring, but keep with the animal analogy...)
Heather Boss and Queen Niqi have both been working on the set book tea cosy. Heather's is above and is nearing completion. She needed a break from all those flowers today, so went to meet the Queen (the real one) instead. Below is Queen Niqi's completed cosy- her third task from the set book. (Why didn't I notice at the time that you had actually brought the teapot as well?)
She has also rustled up one of Patricia's poppies and pays tribute to the clarity of instructions. Copies available from Guru P on demand.

Lindsay is obviously demonstrating her mother's genes- this is last week's mug cosy, finished, buttoned and she's all ready for her next projcet. Spot her below, earnestly browsing the set text.
No photos of my third attempt at my first task from the set book. Sigh!! Also no photos of Gillian's completed first thing ever. She claims to have left it at home. Methinks this summer school needs some set targets to go with the set text- just for the stragglers like me!


  1. Does that mean that teacher will be giving us homework? Great night tonight ladies. Perhaps we have another possible member about to join our group - Gillian G? Gillian H is spinning a yarn methinks?