Thursday, 28 June 2012

Worldwide appeal

Better not to ask where I get my interest in statistics - something to do with the day-job ....  But I discovered that you could get some useful/useless info from our blog's admin site about our published pages.

We appear to be reaching a worldwide audience - 120 folks in the UK have viewed our site (probably mostly us!), 3 from Russia (all interested in the poppy pattern of course), 3 from USA, and 1 each from Canada, Australia , Germany and Latvia.  Some have even commented on our work - M.K. and Pom Pom in the United States and Angela in the UK.  Thanks, ladies, for your comments.

I like Mags' idea of a themed evening next week, so could we go with the stars and stripes theme?


  1. Oh yes, I'm all up for that! Who's bringing the homemade brownies?

  2. Everyone could bring something American, be it food, a decoration or whatever else they please.

    Now, let me see, how would you go about crocheting a chocolate brownie? Maybe Patricia will know .....

  3. And MK has linked to us in her latest post- her blog is Through a Glass Darkly, so you might want to visit and say hi! She has sewn a hook holder- and very gorgeous it is too!