Saturday, 16 June 2012

Field Trip

Here is David. This is the guy who runs the stall that stocks the wool that Heather raves about! And let me tell you, she is not wrong! The facebook link is here and you can see that everyone asks for advice and yarn availability all the time. I loved it!
So obviously if you've gone to St George's on a Saturday morning to visit the The Wool Stall you are going to eat a crepe from La Creperie chez Francis and you are going to wander round and chat to everyone else as well. You might not find yourself buying one hat and ordering another to be custom made for your apparently small head from hats2love, but then again, in the words of St Francis himself, on sait jamais!


  1. Don't forget JavaMan!! You need a JM coffee on a Saturday morning!!

    1. Fear not, PCA- the beverages were most assuredly from JM!

  2. How come I just found this, Mags? I've heard you mention "Hookery Bookery" but I didn't know what you were talking about. Yarn ... ahhh. Wish I lived closer! And I adore that hook holder up there in the photo. I may need to make one for myself. Wonderful!!!

  3. M.K. - feel free to come and join us any time - I always have an extra seat at my house for fellow enthusiasts. H.

  4. Would love to learn to crochet but am still trying to master my quilting - straight lines are so overrated!!!