Thursday, 21 June 2012

Finished and approved

Here are a couple of pictures of the finished garden square blanket.  It didn't quite work out to be the size that I had originally anticipated but never-the-less, as you will see further down, it got the seal of approval from my cat!

She likes to be involved, and each time that I produce the wool she sits beside me and watches, never interfering with the wool.  When the item is finished she adopts it as her own as you can see.

Sometimes though if the blanket isn't in a comfortable enough place for her she will just move it to where she wants it ....

When hookery takes place at my house I have to put her out as not everyone likes cats, so instead she sits forlornly on the outside of the windowsill and watches everyone through the glass!


  1. I expect she's wondering where her next blanket is coming from! The blanket looks really good. I love the way the squares are crocheted together

  2. Oh all right then- let her in!