Monday, 25 June 2012

Belated summer report!

Last Wednesday's Hookery report- apologies for tardiness. Spot the hand grenade, mug cosy, tea cosy and then complete the following sentence in no more than six words: I love summer hooking because...
Starting beside the computer and moving anti-clockwise! Hooker one.
Hooker two.
Hooker three.
Knitter four! Aran, progressing most impressively!
Hooker five.
Welcome, Lindsay. Hooker six.
Hooker seven Boss.
And just as unfocused a close-up as you'll get of the Russian poppy! Winner announced and prize awarded on Wednesday- at the Dock xxx


  1. Fantastic photographs as usual, thanks. If you're ever looking for another career .....

  2. I love summer hooking because I get to be one of the hookers.