Sunday, 1 July 2012

Rosie posie teapot cover

Well, here it is, the finished tea cosy.  It appears to do the job very nicely.  Now for the cafetiere cover in the same colours .....


  1. Gorgeous. I'm not bringing a thing on Wednesday night, save something vaguely American. I shall merely sit and drink piping hot tea. And someone else can take the photos- fabulous composition in evidence here!!

    1. Oh but you must bring the camera - you have the role of official photographer.

  2. Girls - I'm crying off again - we are heading to Sligo tomorrow for a few days, so won't be around... but... will be bringing hook and yarn with me, so perhaps some progress will be made and I will have something the following week to show and tell. L x

  3. Wonderful Heather, will make the tea that comes out of it taste even better.

  4. Even nicer in the flesh than in the photo- and the tea stays piping hot!