Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Hookery, dickery, Dock

Back at the Dock tonight for Hookery, and thank you everyone for a totally relaxed and relaxing, lovely time! Lynne is still rippling.
Catherine is still cabling.
Lorna came tonight- so super to see you, especially modelling our first example of a garment. Hard act to follow!
Discussing garment and other things yarn.
Lynne's progress through the afghan project. Fabulous colours.
Niqi's latest output from the set text, two projects in picture!
One of Lorna's current blankets.
Mags' latest project, as unfinished as the rest, but still brimming with optimism!
Birthday cake, no, torte- we stand/sit corrected, Niq!
Happy Birthday, Anne! For you (and for the Olympics) we rang our merry bells!

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  1. Fantastic photos. Sorry I missed the event, natter, torte and completed works. See you next Wednesday chez moi.