Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hookery night again

Please forgive me as I am completely new to blogging, very slow and (unlike Mags) have no idea as yet how to post photos!

Today is our usual Wednesday hookery night - only 3 more before the enforced relocation to a private residence due to the end of this academic term.  There is much excitement in the camp about seeing Mags' corsage creation in the flesh so to speak.  And of course Patricia has been off ill and may have had a chance to design something exciting ....  I, on the other hand, have been idle in the hookery realm but I am hopeful that this will change soon. 

I believe that there will be a phot-shoot prior to the end of the academic term which will entail all of us bringing in our creations for Mags to photgraph and upload photos to this blog and of course her own, Fraise Lachrymose.


  1. Corsage is here, photo shoot is scary, tutorial underway1

    1. I don't want the tutorial which requires me to do it myself, I want to place an order .....

  2. Folks- I think I can only sort text size etc on posts that I have written- can you play with design and see if this is indeed the case?