Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mags' corsage

Wanted something like this but in tastefully matching burgundy mix.
Heather Boss's book- they have this series in Craft World- but coudn't see yours. Resisted all temptation to buy the bunting one!
Rico Creative Filz Print 009- can't find an on-line link to it at all, Patricia.

I really loved putting this together- didn't take long at all, but it was worth doing the trial run first. I adored the wool- 100% Merino and just gorgeous to work with. Which was just as well, because the pattern is more construction than crochet- all slip stitches. So while the finished result makes me smile, the actual making doesn't feel a whole lot like crochet at all. The yarn can be felted, so I'm planning on making another one tomorrow to throw in the washing machine. And then, Heather, maybe I will buy some brooch pins!

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