Thursday, 23 August 2012

Deja vu ....

I believe that hookery twice in one week shows great enthusiasm and true dedication to our craft.

As you can see, the bobble hats are progressing well with or without extra assistance!  We pledged 6 but already have 10 to send off to St Mungo's next month.  Well done to all knitters of plain, chunky, aran or double stranded double knitting, with two needles or, last but not least, with a circular needle!  Picture required Niqi. After next week there is going to be sooo much 'orange' wool left on the shelves of local wool shops!  I'm sure the owners did wonder why, all of a sudden, orange was a popular colour.



The new recruits have been yarn shopping in Parlour Yarns.  Anne and Gillian have decided upon the crochet bag from our textbook and are being given intense tuition from an expert in our midst.

Sheila is finally happy enough with her project to allow us to photograph it and share it with the world.
And the ta-dah moment has finally arrived.  Gail has completed her afghan and proudly shows it off in situ.  Well done, it looks fabulous.
Gail's next project (which, without giving away too many details, is on a similar theme) is well under way but she stresses that it is on a much smaller scale.

Until next week then, when the bobble hats should all be finished and ready to be posted off to a collection warehouse in London. Bye


  1. Great post, Patricia. Very intrigued about Gail- somebody get her there next week!

    1. Sorry- Patricia and Heather, great post!