Wednesday, 8 August 2012

And then there were two .....

Hookery in the chookery is safe.

A few weeks back I had to announce that hookery was having to do without some chooks due to the presence and voracious appetite of Mr Fox.

Well, towards the end of last week a new chicken adopted us!  She sat outside our chicken run and looked longingly at our chicken.  They clucked quite cheerily at each other from across the wire .....

No-one knows where she has come from and after 3 or 4 days roaming around my garden .....

.... she finally ventured into the (specially left open) chicken run.

She moved into the coop on Sunday afternoon for a look-see and must have liked it because on Monday she had moved in lock, stock and feathers and had laid her first egg for us.  It was white.  None of our other chickens laid white eggs so this is mighty unusual for us and you see white eggs so infrequently in the shops these days.


  1. How lovely- gorgeous gorgeous!

  2. That's so interesting! Over here in the US, we have almost all white eggs (from white leghorns) in the stores. You have to look for brown eggs, and they usually cost more, even though they only come from brown chickens. So funny! I'm glad she found a new home :)