Wednesday, 29 August 2012


No, your eyes are not misleading you.  This blog does comes with a colour warning.

For those of you who are averse to orange, tangerine, or jaffa please log out now, all others may proceed to read and admire.

Many of you will have been following the progress of our orange 'charity' hats over the past few weeks.  I'm delighted to announce that a marvelous 10 hats have been knitted for the St Mungo woolly hat appeal.  They are all shades and sizes as you can see.
A hookery member has been persuaded to don her hats and do some modelling.  Just how many hats can you wear at once?

Queen Niqi knitted the highest number of hats (4) using a variety of methods and yarns - chunky, double strand DK, circular needles and two needles.  Well done.

No animals were hurt in the taking of this next photo.  The black cat 'wearing' the hat (kntted by Niqi) is about 6 inches tall so you can imagine the size of the mini hat, knitted on a circular needle no less!

Even the table had an orange arrangement - the best a sodden garden could provide.
If you are ever in London and see a bright orange hat it is most probably being worn by someone who has been living/sleeping on the streets and who has been given a hat by staff at St Mungo's and it will most probably have been knitted by women like us all over the country.

Hats all ready to be posted off.  We will miss them.

Now - what can we do with all of the left over orange wool?  Ideas on a postcard please. 

P.S.  The blog will return to a normal colour scheme next week.
Mags - I beat the midnight deadline  :-)


  1. Tres bien! (Google translate: Well done) What a fab result. Packaging and posting is underway!