Tuesday, 21 August 2012

An extra night this week

An extra night of crochet was held this week because Angela and Bob were visting Mags and her family. Angela is an accomplished crafter and Bob a keen musician in his spare time.

Heather's bag making great progress. The squares are sooo neatly crocheted together.

Making mini bobbles on a fork. Angela said she had seen the idea and in a flash 3 of us had lifted forks and started winding wool. It works really well.

Angela (Tracing Rainbows) who is knitting winter hats for a seamen's charity, and Heather hard at work.

Niqi's latest project. Hat, scarf and Mitts.
Catherine's pretty ripple blanket with a glimpse of Lynne's ripple blanket.

Gillian and Anne are making a joint decision on a project from THE textbook.


  1. Stick the picture of Angela into the holiday competition- she was en vacances after all!!

  2. Thank you EVERYBODY for making me SO welcome last night - it was great to meet you all and have such a fab time [and lots of cake too] Hoping all the amazing orange hats are finished on time- and looking forward to a return visit one day

    love and blessings- xx