Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hookery in my dining room

I had Hookery show up at my front door tonight- which was very lovely indeed. The full story here.  Suffice to say that there was no hooking but lots of Herman...


  1. Methinks that the hookery ladies will have to become more organised and in touch for their meetings at The Dock :-)

    1. On second thoughts, maybe we should move permanently to the Forest of Toon on alternate Wednesdays so that Mags can be involved becuase unfortunately she isn't making it to The Dock in spite of being released from The Bookery to be a free spirit and lady of leisure on Wednesday evenings. And also this might be possible as so few ladies turn up now at Hookery and space is no longer at a premium.

    2. To be honest- don't think my boys would be overly happy about a weekly Hook! By the time I get in from teaching it's 6.30pm, then I need to eat and help out with remaining homeworks and dishes! Mondays are the very best night for me during the week? Except the second Monday in the week which is good, old Mothers' Union- at which you would all be most welcome and you could even bring your hooks! I'm thinking of calling in to the Bookery soon for a regroup chat!

    3. Never panic, I was only joking! Maybe I should have put a smiley 'wink' at the end?