Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Help Hombolo

Ladies, on the back of our successful St Mungo charity hat appeal, I have a personal request.

My son, Matthew, has just come back from a trip to Tanzania where he was building houses for two weeks.  He was out with The Leprosy Mission Northern Ireland

The group took out with them many gifts for the villagers including sports equipment, footballs, clothes, blankets, toys, tools and grow bags.  I noticed that some of the blankets had been crocheted - the lady in the red blouse is holding one.
The team hope to go back out again next year and I would like to send out some crocheted blankets.  Could I ask my 'hooker friends' for some assitance in this?  I think that this would be a very personal gift and we could use up our leftover wools.  Ladies, you have a year to get hooking and any number of contributions would be very welcome. 

Many thanks


  1. And a year might even be enough notice for me!

    1. But surely Mags you need something to keep you occupied and away from dishes on a Wednesday night?