Thursday, 1 November 2012

Spookery hookery in the bookery

Well we survived our first night at hookery in the bookery with one less founding member.  Life was dull without you Mags but we invited some other equally adventurous characters to join us in the staff room .....
This is Patricia's latest project complete with her little helpers.  Note, someone has given her a hand!
The little paper pumpkin sweet holder was made by a Brownie leader Rachel from St Patrick's Church where The Dock is based.  Don't you think he looks much better close up?
And this is a glimpse of Heather's winter throw which isn't progressing just quite as quickly as she would like.
I have to tell you that the ghosts and pumpkin bag were made by Deirdre who works in the bookery place during the day.  The pumpkin bag was also made with some leftover St Mungo wool.  I didn't realise until now that we are also recyclers because Mags also mentioned in yesterday's blog that her autumn garland had St Mungo wool in it too.

Come on ladies at The Dock, some posts please ......


  1. Aw, dead jealous now! Will be missing those Wednesday night sessions like mad! You two are so great! Get that winter blanket going, Heather- nothing better than being wrapped in a blanket that you're still hooking. I can get back under the ripple now that the garland is finished!

  2. Thanks to Malcolm, who also works in the bookery, for giving me THE hand.