Tuesday, 4 December 2012

In the throes of winter ....

.... or a winter throw.

This was originally my autumnal afghan, but as we are now into December I somehow think that I have missed the intended season.  It will have to be my winter workpiece instead.

Unfortunately, wrist wrangling, all that twisting to work the crochet hook, has been causing me some painful difficulties with my wrist and elbow so I've had to lay down the hook, wool and granny squares for a while.  What a shame!  This is the afghan's status quo - half finished.
Meanwhile, I've started another project - on knitting needles.  Shhhh, don't tell the others or I'll be ex-crochet clubbed!!  It's a double-stranded aran piece but I will say no more until it is more advanced.  I bought the aran at Yarn4U in St Georges Market - great value.  Knitting hasn't hurt my arm at all.  Here's a little tempting sneaky peek.


  1. Oh I like the look of that creamy non-crochet thing- what stitch is that? Sorry to hear about your tennis elbow equivalent. Is it getting better?

  2. I can crochet, but my first love in the yarn department is knitting. Your Aran project looks intriguing.....I am reading The Christmas Mystery and thoroughly enjoying it! You had mentioned it in a comment on Isabelle's blog and I went hunting. Thanks!