Saturday, 13 August 2016

The 3Ps

Hookery ladies have been asked to complete not one but two similar projects for the Autumn. We are a small, diverse, group of ladies from all backgrounds who like to knit and crochet, some who have been crafting for years and others who are new-comers.  It's a great honour and we are absolutely delighted to have been asked. It's fantastic to think that our skills and commitment are very much appreciated and recognised by the requestor who has total faith in our ability to produce for them.

It has involved some discussion and agreement but everyone is enthusiastic and eager to get started.  Needles are clicking away, crochet hooks have been sharpened and wool has been purchased. Even some novice knitters and crocheters have been enthused enough to go out and buy supplies and to even try knitting/crochet if they haven't done that one before.

Unfortunately I can't tell you yet what the 'Ps' stands for except that the last one is 'project'.


  1. One done, second started, tried a few of patterns and settled on one. will try different sized hooks to vary size. CG

  2. Go girls go!! I have total confidence you all. Let's get this baby on the road! ��