Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The end of summer

Well, it's the end of the summer meteorologically speaking because, although not terribly awful, it hasn't been one of the best or hottest summers in Northern Ireland.  Every spring they do promise us a heatwave .....

Our 3Ps Autumn project is continuing and although we are tied to a very tight schedule, we are beavering away to the best of each individual's ability.  Some ladies are more productive than others because they have the skill or because they have the time.  'Every little helps' as the supermarket chain reminds us. Together we will achieve our desired goal.

We have been lazily drifting through the summer holidays and next week sees our local school children return to the classroom.  Among our group we have parents, grand parents and teachers all ready to start the frenetic rush to get ready for school, buy uniforms, books, sports kits, shoes or get lesson plans completed for the old familiar school curriculum or prepare for the new adventure into a new school topic.  Others among us have wearily worked our way through the summer always intending to take a few days off when the 'good spell' arrived.

Two of us have been working away on Zooty Owl, aka Zelna Olivier's, Seaside Winter Blanket CAL. If you don't know what this is it's worth taking a look.  We are at the start of week 11 of 12 now and the time has flown by.  I had a few reservations because I hadn't done anything like this before but it is really enjoyable.  I'm only brave enough to complete a single blanket at a time but Zelan herself has 9 on the go!  Many of the other 2119 group members have at least two which they are working on simultaneously.  Brave women each and every one and I am full of admiration for them.  Check out the photos on Facebook - some of the colour combinations are stunning.

Next Monday some of us are going to a special event being held up on the north coast at Corrymeela. The event is called Dreams.  It is a ladies' day away from all that is happening on the home front, a time to relax, unwind, dream and enjoy hearing from the Scottish artist, Pauline Edmiston, and to create some beautiful silk pieces with her.

Ladies remember to keep taking your holiday hookery pics.  The next blog post will be a collage of our pictures.

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  1. What a lovely post! Beautifully encapsulates it all x