Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Nanny McPhee Blanket

When you've spent fourteen months on a ripple, the blanket you need is Nanny McPhee. Or more accurately the Blair Peter Wise Craft Granny Square Sampler Afghan. I did start mine shortly after Lynne in the summer. Hers is obviously finished! It is the most entrancing way to discover the wealth of granny square variations, and to learn some fairly nifty new stitches. Cluster and popcorn were two of this week's revelations.

Over the weekend I've been a bit stumped with the spiral. But one German youtube version, and a same source tutorial on the magic ring for left-handers, seems to have sorted me out. You work with four balls of yarn fully attached and pretty much live at the same time. I have to take a break every round. Good news for the rest of the house! I may still be on track for an Easter construction. It's really my Lenten Nanny McPhee blanket. I learnt this morning that the word Lent comes from the "lengthening" of days. Here's to the lengthening of hookery!

1 comment:

  1. I prefer to call it 'The Nanny McPhee Blanket' as it"s much simpler to say! Looking good - it's shaping up very well indeed.