Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Springtime variations

Snowdrops in the garden, snow on the hilltops, and daffodils everywhere - it must be Spring.
A little bit of Spring sunshine

Chicks and eggs
 Birds' nests
It must be nearly Easter?

Tonight Auntie Anne and Auntie Gillian thought that we could be creative in other ways and after their very successful Forage course today at Mossley's Museum at the Mill they brought along some eggs for us to decorate and make an Easter Tree. 

Work in progress was intricate and involved.  We had been warned to come prepared 'to get messy' but we didn't know what that meant.  Everyone took turns at decorating their own egg.  The kind ladies had already 'blown' some eggs for us but provided extra for demo purposes.  Paints and paintbrushes were extricated from Auntie Annes's roof space and brought to life again by ladies in the older generation rather than the young tots who used to enjoy afternoon art play.

Some snap shots for you ...

And the very special Ta-Dah moment when our completed tree was placed in the Foyer of Saint Patrick's Church for everyone to enjoy ....

Could we say that we are now branching out into other crafts?
We also welcomed Leigh tonight and Guru Patricia came back to pay a surprise visit and make sure everyone was doing OK.


  1. So sorry to have missed last night, looks like you had 'Eggsellent' fun!

  2. Apologies about the formatting in the post above. An error occurred when I had almost finished l;ast night and I can't edit the post now at all :-(

  3. Oh I am missing so much fun - and studying is definitely NOT fun.

    Soon, soon .... just not soon enough :)

  4. Such eggciting developments indeed! Sorry not to have been there- especially sorry to have missed GuruP!

  5. I'm sorry you missed it too Mags. But I was really pleased to be there. It won't be long until my hours in the bookery finish for another year. Great turn out. Well done everyone.

    1. Oh gosh, Patricia, are you on the countdown already? What is it - about 9 weeks? Time flies .... Looking forward to having you back in the group :-)