Wednesday, 6 March 2013

First March Meet of this year

Did anyone take photos tonight? Just in case they didn't I thought I'd nip in and reshare my moment of maternal encouragement.  At the top are the best I could Google of the war prints set that we saw at The Mac the other week. At the bottom are the spirals that reminded our house of the prints.  Happy Mummy! So it might actually be worth the grumping to keep on keeping on with the culture thing. (And The Mac really does do a very superlative Mac and cheese on their Kids' Menu!)

What I saw tonight- unbelievable toffee yoghurt cake (that was seeing and eating), knitting dishcloths that could equally become a summer cardi, the final sleeve, berries, a square from a chain, Welcome Myrtle, a Warholesque tin can kitty cressy thing- impressive Brownies again, lengthening beauteous scarf, and the Wave from the Mac. So glad to have been xx

(Niqi, I know that the spirals should have been in a different order but the camera battery has just died and I am going to bed!)


  1. I love this post - thanks Mags - I forgot to bring the camera!

    I think the order you have for spirals is excellent - am I really that OCD?

  2. Toffee yogurt cake?

    Recipe please!!