Saturday, 23 July 2016

Making chains at Malin

Had a lovely day out at Malin Head in Donegal yesterday and the sun shone.  I took my seaside winter blanket CAL and took some pics of it at the seaside.

I've since finished both Port Shepstone squares and edged them. This square was the most challenging mainly because it was so large in comparison to the others but the stitches were still really easy to do.

I have every admiration for the ladies who are taking part in the CAL and who are doing multiple blankets simultaneously.  Zooty Owl herself is doing a mere 9 and another lady has 8 versions on the go meaning that they have had 18 or 16 of Port Shepstone respectively to complete in a week.  Phew!!  Many others are doing 2 or 3 versions of the blanket which is challenging enough.

I'm just about to start Shelly Beach, square number 7.

Now I shall hand over the baton to one of my other hookery ladies to do the next update.

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