Sunday, 7 December 2014

So sew at handicrafts

 I may well have bought this remnant of fabric with one of you in Ikea many, many moons ago. It was either with one of you, which probably means Niqi, or else I was with my mum. If it was with mum then it was very, very ages ago, because she got sick in August 2013 and I'm fairly sure I bought it at much this time of year. I always had it mind as an Advent runner for the table when we were still in No. 28.
 So, yesterday I told Niqi that I was going to sew. I was going to stop putting off sewing and just sew. So, sew, Mags, sew. That was yesterday. Today I actually got going. This will surprise none of you, given that the two projects I have on and now off hook and needles are progressing very badly indeed!
 It has taken most of four hours. The actual sewing, bar some starting hitches with tension and the rest, was the easiest stage. It took my engineering husband to get me sorted on how to straighten very, extremely unstraight edges. It remains a source of marital hilarity, one-sided, that when I bought this sewing machine he used it first and used it ambitiously. For summers we had a red sail covering part of our back garden.
Anyway, there are lots of important things that might just be crazy enough to be true, as a university Physicist friend said in conversation this morning at Cafe Advent. Maybe, if you believe, you can do some so sew handicrafts after all. Next I'm thinking of a crochet thing to hide the tree legs...

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  1. hi and thanks for popping by my blog over at Eightbysix, lovely to hear from you. I read all my comments but don't tend to answer on my blog. Lovely fabric and I look forward to seeing some crochet creations. Amanda x