Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Merry, bright magic and love

 It was another normal night at Hookery tonight. An enormous pot of tea and Catherine rattling off another pair of socks. Effortlessly.
 Heather Boss was helping the fabulous Grace with some initial crochet. Maybe she won't make initials with it.
 A close-up of fabulous Grace's fabulous jumper. I still think she should have just said yes when we asked if she had made it herself!
 Anne's stripey scarf. Stripey pattern inside stripey wool inside stripey bands. Very cheerful, very merry and bright.
 Also merry and bright are Niqi's October socks. Merry, bright and wholly uncharacteristically unfinished. My amazement at this proof that Niqi is actually human and not a crochet robot is only surpassed by my wonder at this project that Niqi has sustained effortlessly all year. The year of the socks: a pair a month, so far... There will surely be a grand documentary on The Year of the Socks coming to a blog near you soon.
Shirley's scarf summed Hookery up for me tonight. We have all been watching her work on it for weeks, but now she needed help with casting off the very tricky yarn. It was passed around the group- Auntie Margaret to Cooking Catherine and finally to Lady Gillian. (Let it be noted that Lady Gillian has two broken thumbs. Or at least she might still have two broken thumbs but she had prayers for healing last weekend, so we're not sure yet.) Wrist supports cast aside and needles clicked and scarf was done.

All together on the sofas, drinking tea and coffee, sharing whatever has come the table's way whether that be food or updates on children or a delightful festive cook book. Casting aside to cast off, or cast on, or sort out my inevitably wonky (crochet) sides. I do love Hookery.

And here is last week's sneak peek in its magical whole:

Willow, fabric, wool, lights. But when you mix it with magic and love? Merry and bright x

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