Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hookery goes camping

This all sounds a bit like Herbie goes to Holywood!  Well, we were very nearly in Holywood, but not quite in the Los Angeles area of the old U.S. of A. but our very own Holywood, County Down.

Our favourite Brownie pack went camping at the weekend to Lorne and two Hookits were asked to accompany them.  Quel honneur!  Not primarily for entertainment and crafting purposes, but as responsible adult leaders.  Now where they got the idea that we are responsible from is anybody's guess!

The old house sits on a very large estate on the shores of Belfast Lough and was built in Scottish-baronial style in 1875 by Henry Campbell, a local business man.  The tweeting birds at 7.30am were just wonderful to listen to, with no other outside 21st century noises to disrupt the calm.  Bliss whilst sitting outside drinking a cup of coffee.
Day 1 - 7am
Day 2 - the evening sun

Lots of lovely little places

As you can see, a little hookery went too
And there was food of the outdoor kind, something which the Hookits may aim towards if our summer turns out to be amazingly hot and sunny.  Mags was very in charge of the BBQ when she wasn't marking exam papers in a shady corner.
The BBQ is nearly ready
Food all gone
And some crafting

This is a space ship - apparently!

But mainly we had a fantastic time with a really great group of young girls.  And what glorious weather we had.

Day 1
Day 2


  1. I'm scared to click on these pictures. Don't think I want an enlarged version of me at the BBQ! What a blissful weekend it was, even if only a half weekend for me!

  2. What a joyous time it appears to have been!

  3. Glad your weather was so excellent for the trip! I know your weather can be a bit iffy over in your part of the planet :) Those skies were BLUE. Good grilling, Mags!