Friday, 7 June 2013

Happy 1st Hookeryversary

Term has ended for the Library being open during the evenings, so now Patricia Boss can join us again.So, on a gorgeous Wednesday evening we celebrated the first year of Hookery outside the Bookery.  It wouldn't be a party without bunting...

or dressing up...

or a chocolate cake...
Such delicious morsels were on offer and in immense quantities, Heather Boss had warned us to come hungry and she wasn't wrong.

Homemade ice-cream...

and a chocolate fountain!

We also had a show of our 'Winter Work', but as ever this isn't completely representative as so many of us have given our creations away as gifts.

Some of the pieces warrant a closer look...

Heather's is the place to go for hot coffee.

Snuggle up at Mags' under Nanny McPhee

The teeny hat is for a golf club!

and a message from Helena who couldn't be with us...
'Thinking of you as I settle down to knit, with a magnificent view of the Swiss Alps.'

Thank you all for making the first year of Hookery at the Dock so much fun.


  1. This is brilliant! Hookery is brilliant. We're all quite, quite brilliant! Do we have ideas for light and airy summer projects??

    1. Once your marking marathon has been completed you will have ample time to come up with a summer hookery project to keep us all gainfully employed.

  2. You are indeed truly brilliant, and your display of work [and accompany cakes] is delightful xx