Friday, 8 February 2013

Hostess Hookits

Now you all know how we Hookits just loooove our food and sweet treats - you may have seen just a few small photos of us with food!

1st Jordanstown Brownies meet in the same halls complex as us on Wednesday evenings in St Patrick's. Well, a few weeks ago we were asked by Brown Owl to be testers for the Brownies' Hostess Badge.  Now you can imagine just how excited and delighted we all were about that - lovely savouries and sweet treats with lashings of tea.  How could we possibly refuse?  We decided to don our frocks and pearls for the occasion and make a special effort to match that made by the girls when preparing for their presentations.

In honour of the occasion, perhaps in an attempt to summon real ones, Mags prepared some crochet cupcakes especially for the evening as a thank you to the Brownies she was testing.
Each Brownie had to decide on and then write out their menu, prepare the food and then serve it with tea on a tray which also had to have a decoration on it.  And here we have a photograph of each Brownie's tray.  There were 24 girls ranging from age 7 to 10. Following the repast each girl had to 'entertain' us for a few minutes; we had Irish Dancing, clarinet, violin, keyboard, tin whistle, recorder & poetry recitals, singing with signing, holiday reminiscences, riddle and joke telling - what an accomplished bunch!

And didn't they do well?  Congratulations girls.  We're looking forward to the same treat next year ......


  1. Well done, Niqi and Heather- you have so captured the esprit du soir! Wht do I look like I'm about to do some limbo dancing? So much for sophisticated posture....

  2. Oh my!! How in the world did you ladies eat all of that? It sounds like SO much fun :) Mags, your cupcakes are adorable. Julia is sitting here. She saw the picture and said, "Oh my word! Are those crocheted cupcakes???" She was impressed :) Those Brownies are so fortunate to have considerate ladies like you. And I loved "with lashing of tea." :)

  3. Wow! What a fabulous evening. Such elegant guest-judges for the tea party, and wondrous food. And the calorie-free-crochet-cupcakes are truly something else. Mags, I award you the Brownie Hookers Badge [if such a thing exists, which it probably doesn't]

    Great pictures, thanks for posting them
    blessings xx

    1. If a Brownies Hookers badge doesn't exist, what a delicious thought it was anyway!!

  4. Splendid idea - and what a job the Brownies did! I want to take a long time and study each tray in preparation for my next tea party.