Saturday, 16 February 2013

At ripple's end

This is a special milestone for us as this blanket heralded the start of our Hookery group many many months ago.  It all began in October 2011 in the Library at Jordanstown when Mags asked guru Patricia for advice re stitches and colours ....  In the Spring of 2012 we spread our wings and started blogging and photos of the the ripple started to appear.

The tear-jerking final stitch

 Ta dah!!


  1. Many congrats!!
    It looks great!
    I guess you could have a journal showing completed work to run alongside the blog too?

    1. We are Hookits of many talents so, you never know, just watch this space.

  2. Replies
    1. Angela, photos of your blanket will appear next week.

  3. Oh, Mags -- it's so lovely! What a project! And the edge -- that looks grand. I wonder if it's difficult to do a straight edging on a rippled afghan? Looks hard to me! Fine work!

  4. Absolutely wonderful - I love this Ripple. But what will you be doing for your next project?

  5. Thank you all for kind remarks! It needs blocked badly, as you can see! Next project indeed?!

  6. You could always try another ripple after all you should have a book of patterns :-)