Saturday, 22 September 2012

Grand finale!

What a brilliant night we had on Wednesday.  A night of show and tell, holiday hookery photo competition and, of course, food.

In our photo competition we had 6 entries and an amazing 3 tied for first place which just goes to show the calibre of the entries and the photographic skills of our members.  Not wanting to exclude the three non-winners by congratulating the winners I will not name anyone.  Suffice to say that as it was all just a bit of a laugh and something to think about on holiday, each entrant was awarded a small token prize because, after all, it isn't about the winning but about the taking part.  The photos are below but you can see larger versions elsewhere in this blog.  Oh, and this photo is pre-voting just so that you don't know who the 3 top secret winners are.
We all brought along (and artistically displayed) our completed items for our show and tell.   Some members were absent so their items aren't on display.  Lindsay gets the top award as she travelled back from Glasgow just for hookery and came straight from the boat.  There are many more items already 'on the hook' already.  Some Brownie Guides, passing through the halls after their meeting, were quite amazed by the display of work.
To give you an idea of our output over the summer months we have made ...... Deep breath ...... 2 cafetiere cosies, 3 rosy posy tea pot cosies, 2 blankets/throws, 3 afghans, 3 beanie hats, 6 scarves, a bobble hat, 1 pair of slippers, 2 patchwork bags, flowers (geraniums, Russian poppies and roses),  a hand grenade (better not to ask!), hair decorations to go with school uniforms, pretty crochet trims for tealight holders, a ripple blanket, mittens, 2 cat-design blankets, 1 baby blanket, a pram cosy, a wonkey donkey, a teddy, mug warmers, jam pot covers and a full set of clothes (dungarees, jumper and hat) to fit a baby-sized doll which is to be auctioned for charity plus10 St Mungo hats.  Most of these items have come from our favourite textbook and pictures appear elsewhere in our blog.

As usual we were good to ourselves and had yummy edibles.  This week, as it was our final night of summer hookery, we brought along some extra goodies. Lynne brought her home made, mouth-watering, Victoria sponge just ooooozing with jam and real cream.  Niqi had made some scones (still warm) and brought some of her delicious homemade strawberry jam to go along with them. Tea break in the staffroom will definitely NOT be like this on a Wednesday night unless someone speaks to the boss? 

We have now reached the heady heights of 15 like-minded women meeting up every week for crochet, a chat and a cup of coffee - wow! Alas the group will be splintered for the next few weeks due to work commitments.   Hookery in the Bookery will recommence as term starts again on Monday and the 'founding 3' - Patricia, Mags and Heather - will be back in the library.  Back we go to where we three started nearly a whole year ago - thanks Mags for both you and your ripple blanket.  How is it progressing, by the way?  All others of the summer's newly enthusiastic members will continue to Hook @ The Dock and will remember us (temporarily) absent friends.   So, you may see some confusing posts from two locations on the same day but, fear not, we haven't fallen out and there is no disharmony in the ranks.  After Christmas we hope to hook on alternate Wednesdays at The Dock and Chez Moi as before.

Until the next time .....


  1. Oh wow, Heather Boss, what a gorgeous post! The ripple will be at the Bookery on Wednesday night, where it all began. Who could have iamgined that such a precious community would have formed from a few shelves and a hook? I happen to know that one of the prize button tins has found a very original use. It was fishing on a road this morning...

    1. Fishing - I can't wait to get an explanation for that one! Yes, we have almost come full circle. Can the ripple beat you to the finish? Now work that one out ......

    2. It took me ages to compile the list of 'creations'. I spent ages looking through the blog to see what the folks were working on and then asking people on Wednesday night. I hope I haven't forgotten anything. Apologies if I have.

  2. Very impressed by your summer output - and the continuing quality of the refreshments. Should any of you be planning a visit to the Midlands, we are starting a group on the 2nd Thursday of each month in October. I cannot wait!!

  3. No problem at all Angela, we'll be over at the drop of a hat! We have been promising ourselves a 'field trip' all summer .....

    I hope you all set up a blog and then we can keep track of your group's progress too.

  4. What a great idea- we could blog-synch!