Thursday, 13 September 2012

Autumn term begins for Hookery

After the brief (but welcome) warmth of last week Autumn has arrived and the new term begins. For the time being we are still following alternate Wednesdays at Heather's and The Dock, but we need to come up with a revised plan if founding members are going to be able to attend this side of Christmas. Bring your diaries next week.

This week was quite quiet, but a lot of work taking place.

Knit one

Purl one

Fancy one

New project - cat blanket is complete

Another new project

Progress on another Patchwork Bag

Ripple above and more beautiful samples below

Mum's Christmas present - thanks to Lynne for winding a ball from my skein


  1. This looks so cosy and intimate and Autumnal and, my goodness, so productive- look at Catherine's jumper now! Whose is the lovely blue knitting? It's amazing how you can recognise people by their hands! Very much missing Hookery, but Wednesdays in term-time are proving to be military operations with not even a tranche wide enough for a hook! Will definitely try to get over to Dock at some stage next week, with diary in my hopefully still recognisable hand!

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  3. Niqi - fantastic blog. Love the 'knit one, purl one, fancy one'! Miss you too Mags.

    Founding members are about to drop like flies, methinks! In the meantime the group could continue through the Autumn term with our alternate week arrangement at The Dock but we would have to make a small contribution towards their charities - 50p or £1 each per week? Further information about this next week.

    I'm not sure about the intervening weeks until Christmas (oh there's that word!) as I will be gainfully employed for two nights per week plus elder visiting two week nights which doesn't leave too many open windows. I too feel like military precision and planning will be required as I look to the next few weeks. Mags - will you be back with me as usual on Wed 26th and onwards?

    Could someone else play 'mummy' on the alternate weeks until I have been released to resume normal duties? Or there is always the possibility of going to The Dock every week at least until Christmas?

  4. I would be happy to go to The Dock every week, as this would allow me to bring Ann. I would also be happy to host on alternate weeks, but my kitchen would be the venue and it is not as cosy as your place (and I would have to tidy it up!)