Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Poppies 'on parade'

Last Sunday afternoon I went up to the Antrim Forum to the Royal British Legion Service of Remembrance because I had been told that the poppy pieces would be on display.

Although it was a terribly wet and miserable day the sight of our poppies at the forum was breath taking.  It really was a WOW factor. 

Ours were not the only poppies as you can see from the photos below.

The parade of local servicemen walked through a poppy guard of  honour into the building.  Each poppy had the name of a local serviceman on each side of it.  Then inside the building there were other displays too.

The Antrim piece was beautifully displayed, with the information boards, in a large window area at the entrance to the leisure centre.

The Newtownabbey piece was centre stage at the service.  I was chatting to a few folks after the service and they thought that the pieces were very striking.  The large yellow/orange backdrop was a roll of honour for the area.

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  1. Weren't the flower displays in the entrance stunning too? I'm so glad you went along to this x